Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Tap water isn’t as clean as it could be.  That’s why most people buy bottled water.  But it’s actually just as good and much less expensive (not to mention better for the environment) to install whole house water filtration systems.  Besides drinking and cooking, you can have water free of chlorine and chloramine as well as other contaminants for showering, bathing, and washing your clothes.

Most bottled water is actually tap water run through carbon filters, so having your own whole house filter is better because

  • it costs way less,
  • there’s no plastic bottles that add to landfills and pollute the ocean,
  • it gets rid of chlorine and other contaminants for showering, and
  • it’s convenient and always at hand.

We’re proud to install and service Ethical H2O activated carbon filtration systems.  They help protect your family and even your home.

Water Quality Issues

Municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine and/or ammonia to guard against bacteria.  It’s important to do that, but now you’re exposed to chlorine that you may even be able to smell when you shower.  The process also creates chloramines and other byproducts.  That’s why you need to let them slowly evaporate before using city water in an aquarium.  Many people reasonably assume that if it’s bad for fish it’s probably not a great idea to drink it.  And chlorine definitely can lead to dry itchy skin.

Furthermore, city water can meet all health and safety standards yet still have bad tastes and odors.  If you use bottled water for tea and coffee you know what we mean.

Did You Know?  Every day some 30 million bottles of water are sold and only a fourth are ever recycled.

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The Technologies of Water Filtration Systems

Activated carbon filters are highly effective at removing a wide range of contaminates, giving fresh-tasting drinking water.  That’s why they’re widely used in top restaurants and coffee houses.  Why carbon?  Granulated activated carbon presents a huge surface area that volatile organic compounds to adhere to, and it “adsorbs” or chemically modifies other compounds as well.

Pitcher, faucet, and whole house water filters effectively remove chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and many more.  Water softeners remove only magnesium and calcium carbonate that may actually have health benefits.

Did You Know?  Activated carbon filtration is the only recommended treatment for removing pesticides from water?

So what’s with coconut shell carbon?  Most water filtration carbon is made from coal, but coconut shells are a renewable resource.  It’s actually better at trihalomethane removal and produces better tasting water.  And what about catalytic carbon?  Special processing significantly increases the catalytic activity of carbon (its ability to trigger chemical changes).  That allows it to remove hydrogen sulfide (responsible for a rotten-egg small) and greatly enhances its chloramine reduction capacity.

Enjoy The Benefits

water filtration systems

We’d be happy to install a whole house water filtration system that’s perfectly sized for your particular home.  With carbon filters you’ll enjoy fresh, purified water at every tap plus the following benefits.

  • Better tasting drinking water, tea, coffee, pasta without buying bottled water.
  • No longer absorbing chlorine, you’ll have healthier skin and hair.
  • Reduced chlorine in the water means that rubber gaskets and fittings (such as in faucets and ice makers) last longer. Delicates and other clothing fades less.
  • There should be reduced scaling in pipes, water heater, and other appliances.

In particular,  Halo Water Filtration Systems feature high-quality design, construction, and materials.  Certified for safety and performance they come guaranteed.  Their carbon filtration media is formulated to remedy most city water issues and to be completely maintenance free between filter changes. Read more about it on our Halo Water Filters blog.