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Do you have a clogged or broken sewer line? In all of San Diego County,  call ASAP Drain Guys &  Plumbing, 24/7, for a fast, professional, and affordable solution.

Sewer blockages usually turn up as slow drainage or backups in multiple sinks, toilets, tubs, or showers. You might also notice a gurgling sound coming from a toilet bowl. This most commonly occurs as a result of tree roots catching debris inside the pipe, but can also be from grease or debris itself. Sewer line leaks can show up as wet areas or unpleasant odors, although these may not be noticeable until the leak has grown. Other sewer pipe problems include sagging and losing the proper slope required for good drainage.

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If you suspect, or know, you have a problem it’s critical that you call an expert such as ASAP. Our certified and experienced plumbers can do a video inspection using a miniature camera inside the pipe. You’ll know exactly what the problem is, and where it’s located, without any digging. Together we can decide if cleaning, pipe repair, or replacement is your best course of action.

Did you know it’s possible to repair or even replace a line without any trenching? Most people don’t. But ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing is experienced in several types of trenchless replacement.

Sewer Cleaning in San Diego

If your only problem is slow drainage or blockage, our very affordable sewer cleaning services can fix the problem. Depending on your situation we’ll use an auger and/or high-pressure flush to remove all debris and grease, and most other built-up. Usually without any digging at all.

Sewer Pipe Repair

Situations requiring repair or replacement include cracked, broken, or heavily corroded pipes. If only a short section of pipe has a problem and the remainder is in good condition, pipe repair or reroutes are usually the most economical solution.

Traditionally, repair has involved digging into the yard or breaking through the building’s foundation to reach the damaged area. Clearly, expert video inspection and leak detection are critical in minimizing the demolition. This approach is often the lowest cost, despite limited demolition and reconstruction.

In some situations it may be possible to repair the pipe by inserting an epoxy resin as a “cured in place” inner lining. This can repair root damage and seal cracks, holes, and joints. But it’s not always appropriate, and isn’t approved in many local codes.


If the damaged area is inaccessible, or poses problems, sewer reroutes are the answer. The replacement line simply detours around the area. Those problems could be a tree causing repeated root blockages, areas where demolition isn’t possible or reconstruction too expensive, or locations with a risk of damaging other nearby utilities. The reroute could be underground around the outside of the building, or through an exterior wall.

San Diego Sewer Replacement

Sometimes it’s best to replace the entire line rather just repairing a small section. That would be the case if most of the line has deteriorated, is heavily corroded, has multiple leaks or has settled unevenly. The line also might be too small for the current building use, have sub-standard materials and construction, or simply be nearing the end of its expected lifetime.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless methods allow repairs and replacement via only two relatively small holes rather than a long trench. That can be especially beneficial if that trench needs to cross a driveway or extensive landscaping.

Early trenchless methods, popular in the mid 1990s used tunneling. Proper backfilling was critical, an the approach was quite expensive. “New” methods, around for over 10 years, are much more reasonably priced. One, called pipe bursting, progressively bursts apart the old pipe and pushes it a way. A new sewer line is then pulled through. Everything can often be completed in a single day, as opposed to several days for trenching and then additional time for reconstruction. If you’ve been told you need expensive trenching and demolition on a driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot that may well be true — but it’s time to get a second opinion.

trenchless sewer replacement

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing

We’re the local experts in the San Diego area. Our expertise and experience means we can precisely determine the location and exact nature of the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution, whether that’s sewer cleaning, sewer pipe repair, or sewer replacement. Our services include the latest in trenchless sewer replacement.

With 15 years in business under our belt, we’ve developed a reputation as the dependable and friendly professionals in all aspects of commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing. We have a fleet of 30+ vehicles and we’re ready 24/7 with fast and affordable services; just give us a call.

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