Bottled water, a pitcher-filter on the counter-top, an under-sink filter in the kitchen…  There are many ways to get the clean, great-tasting water you want and need.  We believe a whole-house water filtration is the best and it’s far less expensive in the long run than bottled water or individual water filters.

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Municipal water treatment does indeed meet or exceed health and safety requirements, but many families want to be extra safe by setting even higher standards of purity.  Furthermore, the municipal treatment process that uses chlorine and/or ammonia to kill bacteria also produces chloramines.  While chloramines are considered “perfectly safe,” homeowners are warned that it’s not safe for fish in an aquarium.  And chlorine by itself can impart an off-taste and in the shower can lead to dry, itchy skin.  Whole-house water filters remove all this and also reduce or eliminate the mineral scaling that comes from hard water — protecting shower heads, clothes washers, dishwashers, ice makers, and water heaters.

Did You Know?  Most bottled water is actually filtered municipal water.

Halo-Technology:  Better Water 5 Ways

The Halo water filtration system treats all the water you use, both hot and cold.  And it goes way beyond an ordinary water softener.

5 Steps

The technology purifies your water in 5 steps.

  1. A Halo Ion inline water conditioner softens water by modifying sodium and magnesium ions.
  2. A high-density garnet filter removes particles as small as 10-20 microns (1/4 to 1/2 the diameter of a human hair).
  3. AG Plus filters out even smaller particles, down to 5 microns, removing any turbidity (cloudiness)
  4. Centaur® High Activity Carbon filter removes chlorine, balances pH
  5. Granular activated carbon removes organic compounds such as (pesticides, herbicides, fuels, solvents) and odors as well as heavy metals (such as chromium, cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc).
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Top 10 Benefits of Halo Water Filters

In business since 1964, Halo is the water filtration expert known for the refined design and high-quality of their products.  Multi-stage Halo water filters offer the benefits of other activated-carbon filters, plus a lot more.

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  • Magnesium and calcium are crystallized so there’s little or no hard water effects such as lime scale.  Yet healthy nutrients are retained.
  • There’s no salt-water flush that can harm the environment.  And uses up to 30% less water to back-flush.
  • There’s no heavy bags of salt to lug.
  • Uses coconut shell carbon rather than carbon made from coal.  Not only is it a reusable resource it’s more effective at removing trihalomethane, hydrogen sulfide, and chloramine.
  • With no chloramine, your water is safe even for aquariums.
  • With chlorine removed you’re likely to have healthier skin and hair.  Clothing fades less with washing, and the rubber gaskets on many water-using appliances last longer.
  • Performance is certified and guaranteed.
  • It’s maintenance free — just a filter change about once every 10 years (after about 1 million gallons).
  • No BPA or Xenoestrogens as sometimes found in bottled water.
  • Clean, great-tasting water is always available at every tap in your home.  It’s 1/1,000 the cost of bottled water with no plastic waste.


Did You Know?  Most top restaurants and coffee houses use water filters for the best-tasting pasta, tea, and coffee.

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