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Just what is a Master Plumber? Many companies put “master” in their name, but the plumber who comes to your home or business won’t necessarily be providing master plumbing services. That designation requires many years of hands-on experience and training, as well as a rigorous testing and certification process. State and federal laws as well as San Diego ordinances specify certain types of work can only be done by a Master Plumber or under the direct supervision of one.

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We’ve been in business in San Diego since 2001, providing highly professional work in all aspects of industrial, commercial, and residential plumbing. We’re licensed, insured, and an SDG&E Red-Tag gas expert. As our name suggests, we provide fast and efficient services and prompt response to plumbing emergencies. Our team of 30+ plumbers each with a fully equipped vehicle, are ready to serve the San Diego area. Give us a call and we’ll dispatch Master Plumbing services whenever needed.

What is a Master Plumber?

To put it briefly, the best of the best. They are the most experienced and knowledgeable plumbers, and the only ones who can be a licensed plumbing contractor. They often specialize in some particular type of work, such as pipe fitting, gas lines, or drain and sewer. A Master Plumber is often a team leader and performs inspections to assure that all work is done properly and conforms to codes.

Hiring a handy man or quickie drain cleaner is sometimes OK, but there is always a risk that they won’t have the experience and training needed. The following plumber “designations” are used nationally for consumer protection and public safety.


This is the starting position, and requires a high school diploma or the equivalent. An apprenticeship provides on-the-job-training under the supervision of a more advanced plumber. An apprentice plumber must complete as many as 5 years of work before taking an exam and being certified to work at the next level.


The next step is to become a tradesman or journeyman plumber. A tradesman must still work under supervision, but by meeting additional experience and more rigorous testing, a journeyman plumber can work more independently.

Master Plumber

As much as 5 more years of experience as a journeyman and passing even more rigorous testing and certification processes are required to become a Master Plumber. That testing even includes business law. In addition to having fully mastered their trade, they are fully qualified to manage plumbing construction projects. Only a master plumber can be a licensed contractor. They may even layout plumbing and fixtures and draw up blueprints themselves. A Master Plumber is fully prepared to implement new plumbing systems and maintain existing ones. They train journeyman and apprentice plumbers, and take responsibility for the overall project.

San Diego Master Plumbing Services

With their extensive knowledge of federal, state, and San Diego codes, master plumbing services include all aspects of indoor and outdoor plumbing as well as sanitary and storm sewer services.

Here are a few areas where master plumbing services are in order:

  • fire sprinklers
  • leak detection
  • natural gas and propane gas lines
  • new building construction and remodels
  • repiping
  • slab leak repair
  • solar water heating
  • tankless water heaters
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