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Shower Repair

The most common repairs are replacing a head and fixing a leaky faucet. Both are good candidates for a do-it-yourself project, but be sure to read up on all the details so that you don’t cause any further problems. For example, applying too much force during loosening or tightening can damage fittings and pipes behind the wall, leading to a major repair.

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It’s also often possible to repair cracks and chips in fiberglass showers yourself using a patch kit from a hardware, home supply, or plumbing supply store. As always, be sure to follow all the instructions to the letter.

If you suspect a behind-the-wall problem, it’s best to call in a professional plumber like ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing if you live in San Diego county. Symptoms may include new mold or damp areas, either near the leak or near the floor, as well as warm or cold areas.

Shower Fixtures

Given a little thought, there are a few more issues with fixtures  than might first come to mind, and each might call for a repair by a trained professional.

The first is the head itself. That can be wall mounted, and/or hand held. These are usually trouble-free, but you may want to replace it due to leaking or clogging, or you may just want a new one for added features or appearance. We’ll cover the basic steps of shower head replacement in the next section.

If there’s a tub, there will also be a water spout. These also need replacement from time to time because of the diverter that sends water up. They gradually develop deposits, and a substantial amount of water ends up in the tub rather than going up. Replacement is very similar to that for a head.

Other shower fixtures include the faucet, overflow orifice, and drain. Fixing a leaky faucet is usually a fairly straightforward process of replacing the cartridge. For older faucets it may be a simple matter of replacing a washer or may require the somewhat tricky task of grinding the valve seat. Problems with the overflow opening are usually a matter of an easily removed hair clog. The drain itself is rarely a problem, but many tubs have a “press-on, press-off” type drain stopper that sometimes needs replacing.

If you try any of these repairs yourself, be sure to educate yourself first and proceed cautiously so that you don’t cause any new problems, especially one that’s hidden behind the tile and wall. If you’re planning on replacing shower fixtures as part of a bathroom remodel, you’ll probably be surprised at the huge number of finishes, styles, and special features you have to choose from. Here you’re better off hiring a professional plumber to make sure those expensive fixtures don’t get damaged during installation, and to inspect your existing plumbing to avoid future problems.

Head Replacement

Since the connection is visible, it’s easy to check for leaks, making shower head replacement a good candidate for the do-it-yourselfer. Just be sure not to apply too much force; that can damage the plumbing back behind the tile and lead to an expensive repair.

You can find lots of instructions for this online. Here’s an outline of the main steps.

  1. Cover the drain and protect the tub with a thick towel. Cover the outlet pipe with tape or a soft cloth to avoid marring.
  2. Holding the outlet pipe steady, twist the shower head counter clockwise and remove.
  3. Clean the pipe threads and remove other loose debris.
  4. Apply teflon tape to the pipe in a clockwise direction.
  5. Twist on the new shower head, clockwise, while holding the pipe steady. Don’t over tighten!
  6. Try it out and look for leaks.

Besides looking for more detailed instructions and videos, be sure to read the instructions that came with the shower head and look for any specific issues or steps.

Full Replacement

Whether you’re remodeling for looks or for senior access, replacement is a major job best left to experienced professionals. A full-custom shower will involve several building “trades” such as plumbers and tile installers. One-piece showers make things a lot simpler, and you still have a wide variety of choices in size, shape, and appearance, including simulated marble, tile, or stone. But one still has to deal with the huge shell and the likelihood that fixture and plumbing locations won’t line up. Further, existing plumbing should be thoroughly inspected, and possibly replaced, while it’s exposed and accessible.

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