Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems To Watch Out For

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. You enjoy eating lots of food; you spend the day napping, reading, or watching TV. It’s that holiday where you can be lazy all day long, right? Well, not when you’re the host. Thanksgiving is a lot of work when you’re the host, and even your plumbing does more too! 

Having family and friends over for thanksgiving adds strain to your plumbing. The extra traffic becomes the little push that reveals plumbing issues in your home. The following are common post-thanksgiving plumbing problems to watch out for.

Toilets Getting Clogged

You may quickly blame this on your guests, and this isn’t entirely false! When you have a lot of people around, it is easier to have clogged toilets. Several things can cause clogging when many people use a toilet—not flushing at all, flushing toilet paper excessively, or flushing down the wrong things. The clogging happens gradually as more than one person repeats these things. 

To fix a toilet clog, you will need to use a toilet plunger. In case the plunger does not work, add almost boiled water to the toilet bowl. 

Kitchen Sinks Getting Clogged

This is the most common and frustrating plumbing problem to encounter post-thanksgiving. The sinks get clogged when you’re pouring the wrong things down the kitchen drain while washing Thanksgiving dishes. The clogs can either be caused by food remnants going down the drain or by accumulated fat, oil, and grease. 

Try to use a plunger to unblock the drains first. In case this doesn’t work, pour boiled water into the outlets. 

Running Out of Hot Water After Thanksgiving

It can be frustrating when hot water runs out during your Thanksgiving hosting. Your guests or your hot bath suddenly turns cold. The reason is that your hot water tanks are still getting refilled. You can take shorter showers or have everyone take showers on a schedule to manage this situation. If the problem continues, it might be a fault with your water heater. Try flushing out the water heater to solve this.  

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing for your Post-Thanksgiving Needs

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