Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Understanding the plumbing system requires experience and knowledge. Not everybody can solve commercial plumbing issues they come across. But just because you can’t solve it doesn’t mean that it’s unsolvable. Remember that professionals have solutions for most plumbing issues. So if you have any problem with your plumbing systems, such as a clogged sink or silent leaks, you can find help. Here are some common problems that you might face:

Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are a common plumbing issue in commercial buildings than residential homes. Naturally, people take care of the things they own. Therefore, they do not take care of the commercial restrooms. When people try to flush paper towels and other debris, the result can be devastating. The debris can clog up the system and pipes, slowing down the water drainage system. This may not look like a bigger problem for you, but it will reflect on your company’s reputation. Also, clogged drains can cause severe problems in the future down the line.

Broken Toilet Handles

When you purchase a new building for your business, it will include toilet handles in the toilet. These handles often break after so many people use them every day. Fixing these handles adds up additional stress when you have to run a business. In the end, you leave the broken toilet handles as it is. But, this can lead to numerous problems such as a clogged toilet or unhygienic washrooms. The last thing to do is hire a professional plumbing service provider and ask for a permanent solution. Today, motion-activated flushing systems are becoming popular as they require less maintenance and are more hygienic.

Silent Leaks

Silent leaks are hard to detect, especially when you have no experience with plumbing. The issues reflect tremendously on your utility bills. Unusual spikes are the food indication that your drainage system is leaking behind the wall. Water leakage can cause water damage to the building and increase health issues due to mold growth. You can seek help from a plumbing company so they can send a professional to your doorstep for instant inspection. They will identify the exact location of the silent leak and solve the problem.

Low Water Pressure

Many problems can result in low water pressure, including burst pipes and leaks. You can check the faucets for water pressure. If you notice that the pressure is lower than usual, you can contact an expert plumbing team.


Identifying and solving commercial plumbing issues can be demanding than you think. However, a professional plumbing technician has the tools and experience to solve these problems. If you want to hire a plumbing company for your building, give us a call. Our company includes highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the field.