Residential vs. Commercial Plumbing

Many people wonder if there are differences between the type of services commercial and residential plumbers provide. Well, it is true that most of the common problems require common solutions, but residential and commercial spaces have specific plumbing needs in some cases.

Residential spaces mostly have small families and less usage, so the plumbing issues are not major. However, commercial spaces have hundreds of people and occupants with large plumbing systems to cater to various needs. For that reason, there are higher chances and frequency of plumbing problems in commercial spaces while the residential areas usually are less demanding. 

Plumbing Service Scale

The size of the commercial spaces, such as buildings, offices, malls, restaurants, suites, hotels, etc., is a major factor. Due to the huge structure, plumbers need more time to figure out the problems in plumbing systems of commercial settings and then fix them.

Use of Plumbing Equipment

Bear in mind that while the scale of residential and commercial plumbing can vary significantly, there are also differences in the equipment and tools used to perform the services. Commercial plumbing demands the use of different types of machinery and tools (larger) with improved functionality than residential plumbing.

Commercial plumbing might involve site sewer lines, industrial-grade fixtures, pipes, lift stations, large boilers, etc. Furthermore, it may also require regular maintenance following complex installations. On the other hand, residential plumbing services may include toilet drains, home appliances, water heaters, small-scale plumbing problems, clogged gutters, drainage line corrosion, etc.

Time of Service Delivery

Residential plumbers operate within a fixed working time period, such as a typical 9 to 6. In addition, there are residential plumbing services providers who offer services for plumbing emergencies.

As the commercial spaces require a specific setting/environment, heavy plumbing may disturb the occupants or employees. For that reason, commercial plumbers often provide services after office hours or over weekends.


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