Benefits of Bio-clean for Plumbing

If you want to know about bio-clean and its benefits for plumbing, you are at the right place. Bio-clean contains natural enzymes and bacteria that eliminate organic waste from your plumbing system. Organic waste can cause drainage issues. The waste material that can clog your drainage system includes food particles, soap scum, hair, paper, and grease. Bio-clean is a non-corrosive and safe product that doesn’t negatively affect your pipelines.

What Is Bio-Clean?

Naturally, animal and plant matter decompose and break down. Natural enzymes and bacteria play a major role in this process and convert the matter into plant food. Bio-clean follows the same process for removing the clogged material. It clears up the pipeline, thereby reducing odors. Bio-clean does not include hazardous chemicals like other cleaning agents. This means it does not cause any damage to sewer pipes and drains.

When you use this mixture for your drainage system, it decomposes buildup. The friendly bacteria will consume organic items, such as hair, sewage, food particles, and grease. These friendly bacteria will multiple until it clears up the plumbing system. After the process, only carbon dioxide and harmless byproducts remain, and mineral ash. When the bacteria complete their task, the remaining will wash away.

Bio-clean is a harmless substance and does not attack inorganic materials or living tissues. You do not have to boil the mixture to clean the pipelines. Another benefit of this product is that it does not produce fumes or heat. Therefore, bio-clean is a safe option for your plumbing system.

A Safe Option

Cleaning the overflowing and blocked drainage system is one of the worst experiences that you won’t feel like doing. Using heavy-duty chemicals and toxic substances can be a mess. You can avoid this nasty and dirty process by including safe and non-toxic bio-clean products in your clogged drains. Furthermore, this product does not damage your skin or generate fumes that damage your eyes.

Prevent Damage

Many conventional and household drainage cleaning products damage your pipelines. When you pour the chemical into the drain, it starts aggressively reacting. On the other hand, bio-clean only eliminates the organic materials causing a blockage. These materials include hair, food particles, and grease. Unlike other chemicals, bio-clean does not cause corrosion. By including bio-clean, you are simply converting waste material into the water.

Rapid Solution

Bio-clean product is an effective yet rapid solution to eliminate organic materials. As soon as you pour the solution into the drain, it starts reacting with a harmful substance. Also, the friendly bacteria instantly duplicate and decompose the material in no time.


If you have any questions about the safe and easy method for cleaning the drainage system, you can give us a call. Our experienced technician will offer the best solution to keep your drainage system safe and clean.