Bio Drain Enzyme Drain Cleaner

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Our New Bio-Drain Enzyme Drain Cleaner

We’re pleased to offer our own enzyme drain cleaner, direct to customers from our Amazon store.  Why?  We know we stay in business by providing affordable solutions to our customers, and this product can even keep drain clogs from happening in the first place.

It’s ideal for both home and commercial use, and safe for all types of pipes.  And it works not just on drains and sewer lines.  It effectively “digests” grease and gunk from septic tanks, garbage disposals, sumps and sump pumps, RV and boat holding tanks… even trash dumpsters.

Experiencing clogged or slow-running drains more often than you’d like?  Our Bio-Drain Cleaner may well be your answer

Enzyme Drain Cleaners: Safe and Thorough

There are four main types of drain cleaners, but only two are safe for do-it-yourself home and business use.

  • Older lye- and acid-based products require expertise to avoid damaging metal pipes.  Many (such as lye mixed with aluminum) generate enough heat to deform, weaken, or even rupture plastic pipes.
  • Today’s sodium hypochlorite (bleach) based liquid drain cleaners are the only type you’re likely to find at the supermarket.  They’re safe for pipes, and good for removing hair and soap scum clogs.  Not as good for removing grease.
  • Enzyme drain cleaners thoroughly break down grease, food particles, and other organic matter.
  • Bio Drain is safe for epoxy lined pipes.

Enzyme products employ helpful bacteria (sort of like the bacterial culture in yogurt) to produce those enzymes.  They typically take overnight to work, but simply can’t harm pipes or the environment.  They’re more thorough than the other types, especially for degreasing.  And the bacteria can stick around for a while, so they’re longer lasting.  Perhaps best of all they can clear away years of accumulated gunk that drain snaking doesn’t completely remove.

But don’t wait until you have a problem.  Regular use as a preventive measure is a good idea at home, and is especially important for any commercial facility that handles food.  Enzyme-based drain cleaners can be hard to find in stores, so we’re offering one of the best.


Bio-Drain combines 8 strains of engineered bacteria for a boost of those enzymes that digest solids and eliminate drain odors in a self-rewarding cycle.  The bacteria multiply, creating more and more enzymes that convert problem waste into food for themselves so they can continue to multiply.  That doesn’t stop until all the solids, grease, and gunk have been digested and washed away.  A small number of bacteria may survive, waiting for the next “food” supply.

This is perfect for preventive maintenance of drains and grease traps.  Similar products are even used at sewage and waste treatment plants.  Restaurants often use it to prevent slow draining, clogs, and disruptive backups.  Just pour it in and let it sit overnight.

From ASAP Drain Guys and Plumbing

Many homeowners and business owners are unaware of this great alternative drain cleaner.  So don’t just grab a bottle of liquid drain cleaner at the grocery store once you have a problem.  Grab some Bio-Drain and keep it handy.  Or better still, use it regularly to prevent problems from happening in the first place.