What Causes Slab Leaks and How To Repair Them

Your house has either concrete slabs or strong beams that support its foundation. The slabs under the homes are typically 4 to 6 inches thick. Conversely, as they lie on sand beds, so there is little to no crawlspace. In addition, the sand beds act as slight cushions that let the house structure fix in.

Since they are the foundation of your house, how do you realize if they have taken some damage? How do you determine that there may be slab leaks under your home?

Symptoms of Slab Leaks

Look out for these signs:

  • Mold on the floor (under carpet or flooring)
  • Damp or warm spots on the floor
  • The noise of water running (when no one is using water in the house)
  • Water pressure disruption (lowers)
  • High water bills that contrast with your water usage
  • Soggy smudges on your house’s foundation

Causes of Slab Leaks


Old homes are very vulnerable to corrosion resulting from the constant flow of hot water. This hot water reacts with the copper in the slab pipes. The strong reaction between pipe metal and hot water leads to corrosion.


Abrasion refers to the expansion of pipes (under the house slabs). It can occur due to hot water or constant rubbing onto other materials such as slabs (concrete), other pipes, gravel, etc. The friction leads to wear and tear of the pipes causing spring leaks.

External Pressure

Water pressure is often responsible for wearing downpipes. On the contrary, other external pressure sources can greatly damage and deteriorate the condition of your house. They can also cause slab leaks.

  • Soil erosion Underground drainage/ streams
  • A shift in soil due to an earthquake

Repair Options for Slab Leaks


It is an option that involves disconnecting the old plumbing under the house and adding new pipes external to the house slabs. Thus, there is no need to hammer the concrete and add matching flooring after fitting the new pipes.

Pipe Coating

Your plumber can apply coating or line piping to cover minor leak points onto the old copper pipes. They can do the same for the main pipelines under your house that are responsible for slab leaks.

Apart from this, other repair options include:

  • Re-piping the entire house plumbing system
  • Adjusting the foundation
  • Plumbing repairs (trenchless)
  • Spot repair


In case of slab leaks inside your house, contact a professional house improvement contractor. It is a preemptive decision that allows you to detect major issues early on. Along the lines of detection comes the chance of resuming your daily life in a similar yet better manner. So, give ASAP a call at (760) 744-8489.