Signs your water heater is going bad

Learning how to tell that your water heater is going bad can save you a lot of hassle and money. But you might be wondering about the signs using which you can tell whether your water heater is going bad or not. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 signs that indicate whether the water heater is going bad or not. So hang tight, and let’s get started:

1.    Water leaking from the heating tank

Leakage is usually a sign that the water heater is falling. You will see water dripping down the tank’s body or pooling underneath this. This is a bad sign, and you shouldn’t ignore any leakages. A loose valve connection can cause leakage, but it is always advised to consult a professional.

2.    Heater’s Age

If you have an old heater, you need to be extra careful. Heaters also don’t stay with us forever like all good things in life. If you don’t know the exact age of your heater, try to read the labels on the body of the water and check for information online to be certain about the age of your heater.

3.    Running Out of Hot Water Quickly

Old water heaters can cause sediment to settle at the bottom, interrupting the flow of hot water. If you feel like your heater is not putting out as much pressure and the temperature of the water is also not that high, you might have a faulty heater. If the sediment is allowed to accumulate for a long enough time, it can lead to some serious issues that might be totally unfixable.

4.    Inconsistent Water Temperature

Another major sign that the heater might be failing is the inconsistent water temperature in the shower. If you feel that your heater sends outbursts of hot water immediately followed by cold water, your heater might be giving up. A well-functioning water heater gives our consistent supply of hot water, and if you are battling this issue, it might be time to avail the services of a professional.

5.    Water Discoloration

Another sign that your heater is failing is the discoloration of the water. If you notice rusty or muddy water coming out of any faucets, you shouldn’t take it lightly. It could be a major sign that your water heater is going out of order. This discolored water might not necessarily damage your health, but it could stain the clothes and your kitchen utensils.

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