Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners Working at Home

Working from home over the past year has become a norm in our daily lives. If you are a loving pet owner, it can be great to see what your little buddy is up to during the day. However, there is still work to do, and as a pet owner, your responsibility is to ensure your pet is safe at home. And in most cases, pet-proofing around plumbing is commonly neglected, which can cause more harm to your pets if you are not careful. Here are some plumbing tips to consider:

Keep Toilet Lids Down

Toilet water is not just unsanitary; it is downright harmful to your pets due to a wide range of chemicals and cleaners used. Your cat or dog might think of the toilet bowl as a convenient source of water and drink it. It can cause all sorts of problems for your pet. Keep the lid down each time you use the toilet. 

Store Chemicals Responsibly

Store detergents and other cleaning products responsibly. Make sure your pets can not access them because ingesting them can prove fatal for your pets. Always store chemicals on a shelf above your pet’s reach and ensure that the lid is closed correctly. 

Cover Exposed Pipes

Dogs are infamous for chewing everything. If your dog chews down on a pipe, you not only have to take your dog to a vet but might also need to pay a lot in terms of costly plumbing costs. Ensure all your pipes are properly covered, as any rust can be harmful to your dog’s mouth and stomach. 

Don’t Flush Litter

Many cat owners make the mistake of dumping the cat litter in the toilet bowl. This is a huge mistake as this can cause serious blockages in the draining pipe. Cat litter is made of clumping material that hardens when it meets the water. Avoid this mistake, and you might be able to save a lot of money in terms of plumbing costs.  

Rinse Dirty Pets Outside

Dogs like to play around in the mud, and you can’t stop them. What you can do is rinse them outside and not in your bathroom. All the mud dragged in by your furry friend can cause a serious clog which can ruin your plumbing. Always rinse your dog in the backyard.

These are some of the quality tips that we have gathered through our vast experience in the plumbing industry. Make sure you follow them to ensure the better health of both your pets and your plumbing. 

If you need a plumber, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help!