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If you suspect a leak, that’s a major emergency. Skip to the section below for the things you must do right away.

Symptoms of a leak include a rotten egg smell from an odorant added specifically to make leaks easier to detect. In extreme cases you might even hear a hissing. Many leaks occur outdoors from underground lines. Here you may only notice dead or discolored vegetation, but in some instances you might see bubbling in wet areas or even dirt blowing from the ground.

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If you’re in a building more than 20 to 30 years old, it’s likely your pipes have become corroded. It’s often advisable to pre-emptively repipe the lines to reduce risks and better schedule downtime. Besides leaks, corrosion often leads to reduced gas flow. You may notice that your furnace, dryer, fireplace, or grill may not operate properly, especially if more than one are running at the same time. Your stove may take longer to cook, and your water heater may take longer to recover the set temperature.

After hitting the high points in dealing with leak emergencies, we’ll discuss natural gas leak detection, gas leak repairs, gas line repiping, and gas water heater repair.

Gas Leak Repair

Natural Gas Leak Detection and Location

ASAP has the experience, expertise, and equipment for natural gas leak detection and tracking down exactly where that leak is. We’ll use whatever it takes, from old-school bubble testing to using the latest high-tech equipment. There are many types of electronic gas leak detection equipment, including electrochemical and semiconductor sensors, infrared gear that detects specific wavelengths of light absorbed, ultrasonic, and even holographic. Infrared cameras are the tool most often used to scan for leaks and pinpoint their location. That keeps wall and slab tear-downs to an absolute minimum. It’s also a great idea to have an expert plumber visually examine and test the general condition of your lines.

Gas Leak Repair

San Diego Gas and Electric won’t do any repairs on private property. Call ASAP for gas leak repair.

Your particular leak might be an appliance, that appliance’s connection to the line, or the line itself. Leaks are caused by mechanical damage or corrosion, and are repaired in much the same way as leaking water pipes. But due to the potential hazards, gas line repairs require city inspections, and that may require upgrades to meet current standards. Unfortunately, you may go several days without gas even though the repairs can be pretty quick.

Gas Line Repiping in San Diego

Repiping means replacing or rerouting existing lines. Why would you need gas line repiping? To fix chronic problems and avoid future hazards, problems, and interruptions. Our experienced plumbers are happy to evaluate the condition of your existing piping.

Until recently, pretty much all gas lines were galvanized steel. These lines suffer from rust and other types of corrosion over the years, and generally last 25 to 35 years. After that they really should be replaced. There can also be mechanical damage from accidents, building settling, vibration, and more.

The latest installations may use PE pipes for underground locations and CSST or Trac-pipe for above ground locations. These new products save labor, and are longer lasting. In some situations, trenchless installation can mean that line repiping doesn’t have to involve digging up your landscaping or breaking through floors, driveways, or patios.

Old gas pipes pose a serious health and safety risk. They may also reduce flow rates, lowering the efficiency of appliances or even causing improper operation.

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Gas Water Heater Repair

Water heater problems include no hot water, inadequate hot water, and leaks. If you hear a rumbling or popping noise, it’s quite possible water in the tank is boiling. In that case turn off the gas to the heater immediately, otherwise there’s the possibility of a steam explosion. Troubleshooting and repairing a water heater can be particularly tricky. Problems can occur in the pilot light or the associated automatic ignition and thermocouple, the pressure relief or drain valve, the dip tube, or the flue vent. There can also be deposits and sediment within the tank itself. Your gas water heater repair might involve a gas leak. If the leak is in the flexible line or valve, a replacement is simple, quick and should be within the minimum service call fee. We’re eager to demonstrate our technical expertise and courteous service here in the San Diego area. Whether you just need a plumber, or our specialist services such as natural gas leak detection, gas leak repair, gas line repiping, or gas water heater heater repair, just give us a call.

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