Pacific Beach Local Plumber

Looking for quality work and reasonable rates in a Pacific Beach local plumber?  That’s ASAP.  We provide a full line of residential and commercial plumbing services 24/7.  Our same-day appointments include repairs and replacements for garbage disposals, faucets, sinks, showers, and toilets as well as water, sewer, and gas lines.  And our prompt and skillful emergency services make us Pacific Beach heroes.

Emergency Plumbing Services

There’s no need to ask us.  If it’s an emergency to you, our emergency plumbing services will be at your Pacific Beach location for expert trouble shooting and quality commercial and residential plumbing services.

Drain Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning

If a try or two with a plunger or liquid drain cleaner (never use dry lye-based products) doesn’t do the job then it’s time for our drain cleaning services.  We do the job right, so that clog won’t be back any time soon.

Sometimes the cause for slow draining or back up is in the main sewer line running out to the Pacific Beach system at the street.  There can be more possible kinds of blockage, so our sewer cleaning often begins with an in-pipe video inspection for grease and sludge accumulation, foreign objects, and tree roots as well for as cracked, corroded, or collapsed sewer lines.  We’re then ready to do the right sewer cleaning or repairs.

Cabling (drain snaking) isn’t 100% effective in removing grease and other build-up.  When that’s the case we can bring in our hydro jetting equipment for sewer and drain cleaning.  Powerful jets of water scour the insides of pipes back into like-new condition, and can even cut through most tree roots.

Pacific Beach Leak Detection and Repair

Small leaks can be difficult to locate, but still cause a great deal of water damage.  Yet even major leaks inside walls, above the ceiling, and under a concrete floor slab might not be at the same location that dampness surfaces.

Our team of commercial and residential plumbers include experts in leak detection.  They combine training, experience, and electronic leak detection instruments to determine if you indeed have a leak and then to reliably pinpoint the location.  That’s non-destructive so there’s only one hole for the actual leak repair.

Accurate location is especially important for slab leak repairs, as that has a strong influence on whether a spot repair (hacking through the concrete), re-piping (through the attic or around the foundation), or some other type of pipe repair is the best option.

Water Heaters

Our team serving Pacific Beach includes expert trouble shooters for electric as well as gas water heaters.  So when you need a water heater repair we’ll go straight to the actual problem, and with our well-stocked trucks we’ll almost always have the right repair parts.  No hot water?  A leak?  Strange smells or sounds?  No problem!

If a unit is nearing the end of its expected life (8-12 years, a few years longer for commercial models) then it’s probably time for a replacement by one of our water installation specialists.  You can choose a standard model or a high-efficiency gas or heat-pump model.  We’re also experienced in installing tankless water heaters that provide an essentially unlimited supply of hot water while saving energy.

Manufactures of all types recommend annual maintenance.  Our scheduled services include a safety and performance inspection, adjustments, and drain-and-flush.  You’ll have more hot water with lower energy use, and your heater will last longer.

Commercial Plumbing

Our licensed commercial plumbers are trained and experienced in the more complex plumbing and high-usage fixtures used in businesses and industrial facilities.  That includes master plumbers for sewage, septic, and gas line work as well as boiler installation, maintenance, and repair.  Experts in multi-family housing, we’re a member of SDCAA (San Diego County Apartment Association).

Our staff understands how hot water and freely running drains are important for any business, and vital for restaurants.  In addition to prompt and efficient emergency plumbing services we’ll be happy to review your facility and tailor a preventive maintenance schedule.

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing

With a full range of plumbing services we’re the only local plumber you’ll need in Pacific Beach.  All work is done by our own long-term employees.  Our drain technicians, plumbers, and master plumbers are highly trained for fast, efficient, and economical services.

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing is a California licensed plumbing contractor with full workman’s compensation and $1 million liability insurance.  We’re a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and are approved by the Compliance Depot.

Pacific Beach Water Filtration

Like most of the US, Pacific Beach has hard water.  But like most of Southern California we have some of the hardest water in the nation.  In the San Diego area concentrations of natural calcium and magnesium come in at 229-325 parts per million (ppm) or 12.4-19.0 grains per gallon (gpg)– well above the threshold of 180 ppm (10.5 gpg) for very hard water. You can find the full details at

Those minerals build up inside water heaters and on shower stalls, interfere with cleaning, and give tea and coffee an off-taste.  If you don’t already have a water softener we’ll be happy to install one.  We can also install and maintain under-sink activated charcoal and reverse-osmosis water filters for drinking water every bit as clean as bottled.