Why Maintenance Hydrojetting?

Tired of having to pull out the plunger or call a plumber?  Like all scheduled maintenance, plumbing maintenance prevents issues from growing into disruptions and expensive service calls.  That’s important for homeowners, and vital for businesses. Maintenance hydrojetting uses high-pressure jets of water to clean sewers and drains.  It doesn’t just poke a hole through build-ups as can happen with drain snaking.  It quickly and thoroughly cleans the lines good as new for a long-term solution.  And that’s good maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Experiencing backups, odors, gurgling sounds, slow draining?  You already have a problem that will get progressively worse.  Don’t just fix issues after they’ve disrupted your daily schedule.  Be proactive and prevent them from happening in the first place.  Experts recommend drain and sewer cleaning every 18 to 24 months as part of a preventive maintenance schedule.  If you have clogs in between those service calls then there’s something that needs correcting.

Why Maintenance Hydrojetting?

Regular cabling (drain snaking) clears the current blockage, but often leaves quite a bit behind.
What remains is not only a head start on the next clog, but the lingering grease and scale catches debris and accumulates gunk faster than a clean pipe.  If you’ve been having recurring drain or sewer problems, maintenance hydrojetting is the only real and complete solution.

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The process combines special pumps, hoses, and nozzles to create jets of high-pressure water.  Those jets scour away grease and grime, food debris, hair, and scum.  It goes so far as to remove mineral scale and cut through obstructions such as “flushables,” even tree roots.  That leaves the insides of pipes smooth and clean so that future deposits take much longer to get started.  Also called “water jetting,” it covers the complete sewer line (even if it’s hundreds of feet long) and can also be used to clean smaller drain lines as needed.
This advanced form of drain and sewer cleaning is usually combined with in-pipe video inspections, both before and after cleaning.  Pre-inspection assures that there’s no pre-existing problem hydro-jetting might make worse and post-inspection assures that everything is as clean as it can possibly be.  So you’ll also know if there’s anything in the line that needs fixing now or might cause problems in the future.

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