Local Plumbing and Drain Experts Santee CA

Have a plumbing problem? You’ll want an expert local plumber that arrives on-schedule and works efficiently to solve your problem the first time.  In Santee that’s ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing.  Specializing in drain cleaning and sewer cleaning we have apprentice, journeyman, and master plumbers for full-service emergency and routine plumbing work.  Our expertise includes non-destructive leak detection and leak repair (including slab leak repair) as well water heater repair and water heater installation (including tankless water heaters).

Call us anytime of the day or night and our emergency experts and a fully-stocked truck will be at your Santee doorstep right away, right when we say they will.

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we want to be your local plumber for life.  So we respect you and your property.  We demand expert trouble shooting and workmanship from our employees, and use only top-quality supplies and equipment.  Fully licensed and insured we’re a full-service company.  With master plumbers we can even take care of gas line and boiler needs.  We’re a member in good standing of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the SDCAA (San Diego County Apartment Association), and are approved by the Compliance Depot.

Santee Residential and Emergency Plumbing Services

Our uniformed plumbers are ready to meet your emergency needs 24/7.  With fully-stocked trucks and extensive trouble-shooting experience we can almost always get your life back to normal in a single visit, often in a matter of a couple of hours or less.  In addition to the following specialties, we’re happy to repair and install faucets, sinks, showers, garbage disposals, and toilets.

Santee Drain Cleaning

There’s basically three types of drain clogs:  kitchen (fats, oils, and grease), bath (hair and soap scum), and toilet (blockage).  Over-the-counter drain cleaners may be OK for the bath, but otherwise are often ineffective. Never use those with lye (sodium or potassium hydroxide) as they do indeed harm drains and garbage disposals.  Our well-trained professionals will determine the nature of the problem, and typically complete drain cleaning via cabling (snaking).  But with heavy grease and sludge build-up that’s really just a temporary solution.  Our special hydro jetting equipment thoroughly and safely scours the insides of drain lines until they’re in like-new condition.

Santee Sewer Cleaning

Sometimes the cause of fixture backups and slow draining is in the sewer line between the building and the Santee sewage system at the street.  Our sewer cleaning specialists will use an in-pipe video inspection camera to quite literally take a look, determining the exact nature and location of the problem.  That’s often tree roots or other obstructions.  They will also assess the general condition of the line for corrosion, cracks, faulty joints, and other problems that may be contributing to clogging and back ups.  In most cases sewer cleaning using our high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment with special nozzles will clear the problem (even 90% of tree roots) without any digging or other disruption.

Additional Services

We can handle just about anything, including the following

  • Gas line leak detection, repairs, and line upgrades.
  • Water leak detection.  With the latest in electronic instruments combined with years of experience we can pinpoint hidden leaks without damaging walls or floors.
  • Leak repair, pipe repairs.  With our trenchless liner services we can often avoid the disruption and costs of digging and paving replacement for underground pipes.
  • Slab leak repair.  Leaks in pipes underneath a concrete floor slab are difficult to notice, hard to locate, and expensive to fix.  But we have you covered.  After a careful inspection of your situation we’ll discuss the pros and cons of spot repairs, re-piping around the slab, and pipe lining.

Santee Water Heater Repair and Water Heater Installation

We have some of the best plumbers around for diagnosing and completing water heater repairs.  Whether gas or electric, residential or commercial grade, they’ll go straight to the problem and fix it right the first time.  If the tank is leaking, the unit is getting old, or there’s just been too many service calls lately we can often complete same-day water heater installation.  Unlike many Santee local plumbers, we’re well-versed installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless water heaters that save both energy and water.  As recommended by manufacturers we can schedule annual maintenance (including drain-and-flush, performance checks, and safety checks) to keep your unit lasting longer and working better.

Commercial Plumbing

Our commercial plumbing crews are familiar with all the requirements and quirks of commercial fixtures such as toilets, urinals, dish-, mop-, and utility-sinks, and so on.  Beyond hot water heaters, our master plumbers can install, maintain, and repair boilers.  ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing would be pleased to develop a maintenance and testing schedule for your facility to help keep your operations running smoothly and breeze by inspections.

Santee’s Water

The city’s 53,413 residents (2010) enjoy good-quality drinking water.  The website http://www.bestplaces.net/health/city/california/santee ranks it 75 out of 100 points, well above the national average of 55.  According to Patch (http://patch.com/california/santee/2011-water-quality-report-comes-out-clean) it’s a bit alkali (pH 8.1 out of a recommended range of 6.5 to 8.5) and classified as very hard (253 ppm).  So if you haven’t already, consider installing a water softener and be sure to keep up with appliance and plumbing maintenance such as an annual drain and flush for the water heater.