Lakeside Local Plumbers

When you need a local plumber in Lakeside we’re ready with an all in-house staff ranging from economical drain technicians to master plumbers for the best-quality plumbing services at affordable rates.  Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7.  We also offer same-day appointments for full-service residential, multi-family, and commercial needs.

Drain Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning

We’re the Lakeside drain cleaning experts for long-lasting solutions.  Our sewer cleaning services include video camera inspections.  By knowing the nature and location of the problem we’ll save you time and money.  You can even have a look yourself on a private YouTube video.

Leak Detection

Just because you can’t find a leak doesn’t mean that it’s not wasting water and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) causing water damage.  If you suspect a problem but can’t track it down, our leak detection experts can.  Using the latest in electronics they’ll pinpoint the location without making a lot of holes.  That includes hard to find slab leaks underneath concrete floors.  Our plumbers can then take care of leak repairs, including slab leak repairs with less digging and disruption than you might think.

Water Heaters

Our plumbers are experts at diagnosing water heater problems and going straight to the right repairs.  It rarely takes them more than one short visit to set everything right at your Lakeside home or business.  But if your heater is past its warranty or expected life (typically 8-12 for residential models, a few more years for commercial and premium models) it may be time for a replacement installation.  We’re experienced in standard models as well as up to date on the latest energy-efficiency models and technologies.  That includes tankless water heaters for energy savings and “endless” hot water.  We also provide manufacturer’s recommended annual maintenance for all types, maintaining performance and extending equipment lifetimes.

Residential Plumbers, Commercial Plumbers

We’re a full-service contractor employing both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing specialists.  Whether for home or high-usage commercial fixtures we’re ready for anything sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, tubs, and pipe repairs have to throw at us.  We also have experience and expertise in grease traps, back flow valves, and other special commercial plumbing features.  Unlike most Lakeside local plumbers we have master plumbers qualified for work on sewer lines, septic systems, gas lines, and boilers.

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing

When you call us you can count on quality work by professional plumbers and drain technicians, all direct employees.  Their expert diagnosis and efficient work keeps costs affordable.

In addition to workman’s compensation we maintain $1 million in liability insurance coverage.  Approved by the Compliance Depot, we’re members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as the SDCAA (San Diego County Apartment Association).  And of course we’re fully licensed and abide by Lakeside permit requirements and building codes.

Lakeside Water Quality

You probably love the Lakeside area’s rural setting, natural lake, and reservoirs.  You’ll be pleased to know that rates Lakeside tap water quality at 75 out of 100 points, well above the national average.  But if you don’t have a water softener you’ll probably want to have us install one.  Water with more than 180 ppm (parts per million) of calcium carbonate (a natural, safe mineral) or equivalent is rated as “very hard.”  It scales up water heaters, dishes, and shower stalls dull your hair, and adds unwanted taste to coffee and tea. The Lakeside Water District reports levels ranging from 274 to 294 ppm (from the Skinner and Helix treatment plants) to as high as 600 ppm from Lakeside wells (