La Mesa Local Plumbing Services

Need a local plumber in La Mesa?  We’re ready with same-day appointments and 24/7 emergency services.  Our staff are experts in general plumbing as well as drain cleaning, leak detection, sewer cleaning, and water heaters.  Whenever you need a commercial plumber or residential plumber, you can count on us to do the job correctly and affordably.

ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing

We’re a licensed California plumbing contractor, fully insured and bonded.  Approved by Compliance Depot, we employ highly trained technicians and licensed plumbers for fast diagnosis and quality workmanship.  Unlike many La Mesa local plumbers we have master plumbers, allowing us to work on sewer lines, gas lines, and boilers.  And we never subcontract our scheduled or emergency plumbing services.

Residential Plumbing

Our residential plumbers are experienced in all the routine home plumbing repair, replacement, and installation needs — leaky faucets, broken toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, and dishwashers.  We’re also your residential plumbing experts in tub and shower plumbing, leak detection, gas line upgrades, and complete re-piping.

Commercial Plumbing

Our commercial plumbers are familiar with all the quirks and problems of high-usage commercial plumbing fixtures, including flushometer adjustments and repair.  We’re also experts in pipe repair as well as in the special FOG (fats, oils, and grease) issues of restaurants and other facilities that handle food.  Unlike most La Mesa plumbing contractors we employ professionals certified for work on boilers.  We’d be happy to arrange a preventive maintenance schedule that includes pressure testing and pre-emptive drain and sewer cleaning, tailor-fit to your particular business.

Drain Cleaning

Have a backed-up or slow running drain?  One that keeps coming back?  Our La Mesa drain cleaning pros will take care of it for good.  Ordinary drain snaking (cabling) can’t completely remove many grease build ups.  When that’s the case they can use our advanced hydro jetting equipment to deal with the situation, leaving the inside of your drain pipes as clean and smooth as when they were new.

Sewer Cleaning

All drains and toilets connect up to a single line that runs out to the La Mesa sewer system at the street.  A particularly stubborn clogged toilet or several slow-flowing drains usually indicate the need for sewer cleaning.  Besides the usual drain problems (grease, grime, hair, lint, and so on) sewer lines can have a variety of other problems.  That includes foreign objects getting flushed, tree roots invading the pipe, cracks, and collapsed or bellied sections.  So we often start our sewer cleaning by using our top-of-the-line sewer video cameras for inspection and location.  You can have a look yourself, as a private YouTube video.  We can then proceed with the best and most economical solution.  That might be cabling or using an auger, or using a larger nozzle and higher pressure on our hydro jetting equipment to cut through tree roots and many other obstructions.  When absolutely necessary we can repair or replace sewer lines.

Water Heaters

Whatever the symptoms — little or no hot water, strange smells or noises, or leaks — our water heater specialists quickly diagnose electric and gas heaters and go straight to the problem.  Where necessary (such as a leaking tank or a unit well past its warranty period) they can install a replacement in a matter of just a few hours, often the same day you call.

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity, thanks in no small part to their water- and energy-saving benefits.  You’ll also have “instant” hot water without the usual wait, and never run out in the middle of a relaxing shower.  We’re the La Mesa experts in sizing, installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless technologies.

Although most people neglect it, manufacturers recommend annual maintenance for their water heaters.  In addition to a safety check, our services include a drain-and-flush that removes sediment to improve performance and increase equipment lifetime.

Leak Detection in La Mesa

Have a leak but can’t track down its location?  Or suspect a leak but can’t find it?  Our leak detection specialist combines their training and experience with the latest electronic instruments to pinpoint the location without making a single hole.  Our local plumbers can then take care of leak repair.  That includes slab leak repairs for any pipes running under the concrete floor slab.  Here our leak detection expertise is especially important as an exact location is a big help in deciding if the repair should be by hacking through the concrete or by other less disruptive options.

La Mesa Water Quality

The Helix Water District assures quality by testing some 200 samples each day, from the source and throughout their distribution system.  You’ll be glad to know that they meet or exceed all standards and that there are no lead pipes in the system.  Tap water does test as very hard, at 17 grains per gallon (290 parts per million) — the threshold is 10.5 g/gal (180 ppm).  That’s not a health problem (it actually provides some naturally occurring calcium and magnesium), but it does interfere with cleaning and leaves scale build up that can damage appliances and fixtures.  We can install whole-house water softeners and under-sink filters to take care of any issues you might have.