Hydro Jetting Service

When ordinary drain and sewer cleaning isn’t up to the task, hydro jetting service is usually the best emergency plumbing option.  Highly effective, it removes all grease in kitchen drain pipes so you shouldn’t be needing drain cleaning again anytime soon.  It can even cut through tree roots so it’s also a sort of trenchless sewer repair, postponing or eliminating expensive digging.

So Just What is Hydro Jetting Service?

Hydro jetting equipment consists of three main parts:  a booster pump, a high-pressure hose, and a special nozzle head.  Together they produce tiny jets of high-pressure water to quickly scour away grease, sludge, and even scale.

Cabling (drain snaking) initially makes a small opening in grease or sludge; it takes extra time to remove more and there’s always at least a little bit left.  That traps food particles and in turn more grease and sludge.  So it may not be long before you have a clogged drain or need sewer cleaning again.  But high pressure water jetting completely removes even stubborn grease, debris, sludge, and debris.  With special nozzles the jets can even cut through tree roots.

For drain cleaning hydro jetting service ideally starts at the end of sewer lines, near the street.  That way dislodged debris flows away easily.  Sewer and drain lines are cleaned along their full length, up to hundreds of feet.

Is it Safe for My Pipes?

Although the pressure is high (thousands of psi, pounds per square inch) the jets are small and glance off pipe surfaces so that the total force is reasonable.  It’s actually less risky that the rodding techniques used on stubborn blockages.  So it’s perfectly safe for drain and sewer lines that are in good condition.

But what if your sewer pipe is old or damaged?  Hydro jetting services should always begin with an in-pipe video inspection to look for specific problems and to assess the general condition of the line.  It also reveals the exact location and nature of the blockage. And it’s good to have a video inspection after jetting in order to make sure that everything’s clean and as it should be.

What Are the Benefits?

  • As far as the insides of pipes are concerned a jetting service re-sets the clock back to when they were brand new.  They’re absolutely clean, with smooth surfaces that are much less likely to accumulate grease or trap debris.  So stubborn recurring problems are eliminated.
  • With a larger opening cleared, draining is faster.  That also reduces sludge and grease accumulation.
  • By cutting through tree roots and other obstructions it can often take the place of digging or trenchless sewer repairs.
  • As part of a preventive drain maintenance plan water jetting keeps the disruptions of clogged drains and back-ups to an absolute minimum.
  • With access typically through a sewer line clean-out fitting nothing goes inside your home or business to make a mess.  In the worst case it’s a single hose, not mechanical cabling equipment.

All that makes drain jetting one of the best emergency plumbing services around.  But it requires expensive equipment, so not every local plumber will have it.  ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing does, along with the experts to use it at its best.