Emergency Plumbing San Diego County

If it’s a plumbing emergency to, you it’s an emergency to us and we’ll be there right away anytime of the day or night.  Besides that, any plumbing repair & installation work outside of scheduled maintenance can be considered plumbing emergencies.  Some problems such as a dripping faucet, a slow-running drain, or even a broken toilet can wait a day or two.  But some issues require immediate attention and are well worth any higher costs for evening or weekend rates.  Let’s consider some of the most common residential emergency plumbing San Diego county situations.

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By The Way:  The lack of maintenance and inspections are major factors in creating emergency plumbing needs.


Plumbing Emergencies That Disrupt Your Day

Some problems disrupt your daily routine enough to need fixing right away.

Unless you like cold showers water heaters are at the top of many people’s emergency plumbing lists.  A clogged kitchen sink, tub, or shower drain are other reasons you might need an emergency plumber.  Don’t delay taking action on slow-running drains, as that may suddenly lead to a backup and if the problem is in the sewer line that can affect any fixture in the house.  Fortunately sewer and drain cleaning services are prompt, quick, and affordable.

Emergencies That May Cause Further Damage

Any leak wastes water, in surprising amounts.  A couple of dripping faucets and a leaky toilet or two can approach 1,000 gallons in a month.  But a burst pipe, water heater, or washing machine hose releases over 6 gallons per minute — enough to flood a room several inches deep in less than an hour.

A minor leak can lead to mold and other water damage problems in just a day or so.  If you suspect a leak but can’t track it down it’s important to call in professional plumbing leak detection services, or emergency plumbing San Diego county professionals.

Any flooding calls for professional water damage restoration services.  And the sooner you stop the flow of water the better.  Know where your main water shutoff valve is and how to use it.  You may need a wrench or special tool.  In case of a major leak this valve cuts off water to the entire building.  Once your water has been shut off you home will be completely without water until you’ve had emergency plumping leak repairs.

Emergency Plumbing San Diego Health and Safety Hazards

emergency plumbing san diego health hazardsAn overflowing toilet can be a nasty and hazardous mess.  Cleanup requires wearing a face mask that guards against breathing in bacteria as well as gloves and other protection to prevent any skin contact.  A sewage backup or leak requires even more extensive measures, so that’s best left to professionals.  In fact, the hazards are so great that for sewer line repairs you’ll need an emergency plumber with special certification and it will likely be necessary to apply for city permits and inspections.

Similarly, only master plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines and the city or utility company may require an inspection before the gas is turned back on.  A natural gas leak is a very serious fire and explosion hazard.  If you notice the “rotten egg” odorant added, evacuate the area immediately.  Do not turn off electrical appliances as this may cause a spark.  Call in the emergency only after you’re well away from the area.  Do not turn of the gas valve yourself if you can smell gas at that location.

Tip:  One more time:  “never flush anything” other than your business and moderate amounts of toilet paper.  Not “flush-able” baby wipes,  paper towels or Kleenex — these don’t disintegrate nearly as fast as TP. No oil or grease. Or deceased Nemo or Mr. Turtle. Not cat litter….

Downgrading  Plumbing Emergencies To Disruptions

Here are a couple more tips that can help you turn your emergency plumbing San Diego county issues from potential big problems to mere disruptions.

  • Know where your sink and toilet shutoff valves are.  You can use them to quickly stop a leak while affecting only that particular fixture.
  • Keep a few items handy.  We suggest a 5-gallon bucket to catch drips, a plunger for drain cleaning, and liquid drain cleaner for bathroom plumbing problems.

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