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Looking for a great El Cajon local plumber?  We’re ready 24/7 with top-quality work at competitive rates.

Why ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing?

plumbing services El Cajon, California

We’re fast, professional, and affordable.  You’ll appreciate our expert diagnosis and top-quality work by well-trained and experienced local plumbers.  To assure our standards we never contract out plumbing services.  In addition to our licensed residential plumbers and commercial plumbers, our master plumbers are certified for work on sewer and gas lines in El Cajon and throughout the area.

We’re a fully licensed and insured California plumbing contractor, with $1 million in liability coverage plus workman’s comp and vehicle policies.  We’re a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and are approved by the Compliance Depot.

El Cajon Emergency Plumbing Services

We work hard to earn your business because we want to be your El Cajon local plumber for life.  Whether for emergency plumbing services or scheduled work, you can count on us for no-nonsense trouble shooting and efficient work to save you time and money.

El Cajon Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning

We’re specialists, with special equipment for the sewer and drain cleaning that many companies serving El Cajon simply don’t have.  For those tough kitchen drain clogs, we’ll do the job right so you won’t be calling a plumber again after just a few weeks as sometimes happens with rooter-only services.  For the very best in drain and sewer equipment, we can use our advanced hydro-jetting equipment to safely but completely blast away all grease, grime, debris, and obstruction.

If toilets or several fixtures are backing up you probably have a problem in the sewer line.  We’ll use our top-of-the line video inspection cameras to look all along the inside of the pipe to find tree roots, obstructions, and any line damage.  If cabling (drain snaking or using an auger) won’t be a long-lasting solution, our hydro jetting gear with special attachments can even cut its way through invading roots without any digging.

Drain Cleaning El Cajon, California

Leak Detection and Repair

Besides wasting precious water, most plumbing leaks are likely to lead to water damage sooner or later.  Using the latest leak detection instruments our experts can pinpoint the location of leaks hidden within walls or under the floor without making one hole after another.  Just a single access for the pipe repair itself.

We have no trouble locating problems even under flooring and several inches of concrete.  These are called slab leaks.  They can eventually undermine the foundation, leading to structural problems.  In most situations we can offer several slab leak repair options, including some such as re-piping that don’t involve hacking through your floor or driveway.

water heater installation El Cajon

Water Heaters

No hot water?  Strange noises?  Our experienced water heater trouble shooters will go straight to the problem at your El Cajon home or business.  Suddenly not enough hot water?  Or is it smelly or rust-colored?  We know exactly what to do, and probably already have the parts to fix it in our trucks.

Even if a replacement is your best path forward it rarely takes us more than half a day.  We’re up to date on the latest high-performance models, including installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless water heaters.

Our services also include the manufacturer’s recommended annual drain-and-flush to get rid of accumulating scale and sediment.  That improves efficiency, increasing capacity as well as heater lifetime.

Residential Plumbing

Whenever you need a residential plumber in El Cajon, we’re ready with a full line of services.  They include the installation and repair of faucets, garbage disposals, showers,sinks, toilets, and tubs all the way to remodels and completely re-plumbing older homes.

Commercial Plumbing

We know that plumbing is essential to your business, especially if it’s a restaurant, nursing home, hotel, motel, or apartment complex.  Our licensed commercial plumbers fully understand the unique nature of high-usage public fixtures, grease traps, and more for fast, efficient repairs.  We’ll be happy to arrange a custom preventive maintenance plan with regular sewer and drain cleaning, pressure tests for leak detection, and other commercial plumbing measures.  With our master plumbers that can even include boilers.

El Cajon

A center for major league baseball, El Cajon as well as adjacent Bostonia and Granite Hills are great places to live.  If you haven’t already check out Air Group One, a museum covering the planes and people of WW II.  There’s also the Heritage of the Americas Museum, featuring local natural history, archaeology and anthropology, and art.

But there is a problem with very hard water.  Coming from the Colorado River and various NorCal rivers as well as Lake Jennings and reservoirs, nearly 100% of El Cajon’s drinking water is processed at the Helix Water District’s treatment plant.  Overall quality is high, receiving 75 out of 100 points by bestplaces.net (the US average is 55).  But with hardness (calcium carbonate or equivalent) coming in at 260-270 grains per gallon (15-16 parts per million) you really need a water softener to protect your appliances (especially water heaters), to avoid white scale build-up, and for the best clothes and hair washing.