Common Issues With Garbage Disposals And How To Fix Them

Garbage disposals are a vital device every home should have. With a garbage disposal, you can easily flush your leftover food into the sink without the fear of the sink getting clogged. Disposal garbage is made up of many components, and things can go wrong at any time. This article summarizes common issues with garbage disposal and gives a comprehensive description of how to fix them.

Below are a few things you should know:

Consistent leaks

Leaking is a typical problem in garbage disposals. It requires a skillful technician to fix the problem of leaking. Often, inexperienced individuals cannot fix leaks because of technicalities. The flange on the disposal could be the problem. Leaks can probably be found in other parts of the garbage disposal. At this point, experienced plumber attention is necessary to fix the problem

No power

Garbage disposal needs electrical power to work. If you discover your disposal is not responding after connecting the plug, it is advisable to unplug it. Ensure that everything is fine with the plug and confirm its firmness to the socket. If the connection is correct, you can check your home circuit breaker. If your home’s circuit breaker is okay, there is a likelihood your disposal is faulty. 

Jammed Garbage Disposals

Your disposal makes a humming noise; the blade might have jammed or been hanged by stubborn particles. This is fixable within a twinkle of an eye. You can attempt to fix it by turning off the power, putting on gloves to avoid hurting your hands and clearing the clog. To prevent future re-occurrence, avoid disposing of eggshells, ample bone, banana peel, and large non-food items.

Draining problem

Suppose it is taking your disposal minutes to grind up a small quantity of leftover food. In that case, a drainage problem is probably the issue. It could be due to a dull blade or a clog in the piping system. The only solution to this is to sharpen the blade or replace it if need be and clear the pipe.

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